Old Reserves Sent to Iraq


Last night while watching the news on the fighting in Fallujah, I couldn't help but feel a sense of insane futility of this war in Iraq. This is not the American Revolution, the Civil War, WWI, or WWII, whereby we're fighting for the freedom of OUR country, or fighting for the freedom of the ENTIRE world, with the assistance of the ENTIRE world. I am appalled that this government of ours would stoop to such levels in sending American men and women over the age of 45 to Iraq! Has common sense taken a holiday at the highest federal levels in our government? Just how effective would someone over the age of 45 be on a battlefield?

Craig - I volunteered to serve in Iraq, but apparently they agreed with Sue. Several of my Vietnam vet friends served in Iraq. Most of the old guys are not charging up hills, but then most of the guys in any war don't do that. All kinds of people making the airplanes fly, moving men and machines around, providing support.


My God, what's this country come to when our government begins sending reservists aged-61, to serve in Iraq? This reservist was featured on CNN tonight, kissing his wife, children, and grandchildren goodbye. BTW, this guy served admirably in Viet Nam as a helicopter pilot. He's now serving by training new pilots. What does this say about those we elected to the highest offices of our government.... Rebumlican and Democraps alike?

Yours truly, Sick and fed up with what's being fed to us, susan budash wrote What next? (Older Reservist called up for active duty)

"This guy was NOT enthused about being called up, but told the interviewer, "...I don't have a choice.""

Craig - He made his choice when he signed up for the Reserves. The Reserve and National Guard are designed so that the units or the individuals can be called to active duty when needed.

There are always a number of Reservists that are shocked SHOCKED!! when they are called up. It should be obvious to anyone that you can be called up now. Each individual "re ups" at his own discretion for two, four, or six year contracts. Towards the end of the contract either the individual or the nation can decide to sign a new contract or end the affiliation.

Perfectly ok with me. The Reservist is a member of the Reserve, and as such is subject to call up and service overseas.  More and more jobs in the military, just like in the civilian world, need less brawn and youth and more knowlege and experience. No reason an older person cannot do it.

And as far as getting killed, most people would think better that you get it at an advanced age (say, ours) then 19.


Lastly Craig, Reservists 50 and older have every right to be "SHOCKED"! They're shocked that this country has stooped to such levels as to recruit the aged. Hmmmm, seems to me that Hitler adopted the same form of recruiting when things got desparate at the end. He called up children and the aged, handed them rifles and demanded their loyalty to the Faterland. Heil George


A little different, don't you think? Hitler forced the old guys and the kids into the fight. But I feel more sorry for the 14 year old that got whacked versus the 70 year old.

It would be ageism not to accept older and decaying and willing volunteer Reserves. We don’t want to discriminate, now do we?

They won't take me back, for instance, which ticks me off. How dare they not accept this old guy back, especially since I can still leap tall buildings with a single bound (downward only).


Well Craig, seeing as this man (and women over the age of 50) who had more than likely signed up for the reserves in his youth, should be given the option of returning the salary paid him over these years if HE decides not to become active. I cannot understand why our government cannot have those over age 50 doing some form of duty stateside.

Craig - He signed a contract. He knew what he was getting into.  Keep your sympathies for the poor old draftee from Vietnam or Korea or WW II.

Sue - You know as well as I Craig, that a person 50 and older has much less physical capabilities than when they were 18 to 40.

Craig - Speak for yourself. I am still running Marine PFT's with a perfect score, and leaping tall buildings with a single bound. And I have a bridge in Brooklyn that I would like to sell.

Sue -It's pure bullshit that our elected leaders have no moral values when it comes to sending poor, disenfranchised and older people to perform their dirty work.

Craig - Tsk Tsk, such language. Well, you don't expect a Republican to send the rich, do you? Lets get real here.

Sue - "I reiterate....where are GWB sweet sachrine daughters in this country's time of need?"

Craig - agree. Draft em !!!!


Sue, does it count for anything that the guy obviously volunteered to go? At 61 he could retire anytime he wants to. I'm glad he's on our side.

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